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Method & Offer

I am guided by individual psychology, a branch of psychology based on the theories and teachings of the Austrian physician Alfred Adler. An important basic assumption of this teaching is that people actively shape their lives. Adler believed that human behavior follows certain goals, which are often unconscious and therefore sometimes seem unclear to us. However, if we can understand the goals of our behavior, it opens up the possibility of recognizing alternative paths and making better decisions. Adler also emphasizes self-responsibility and the equality of all human beings. We are not helpless victims of our circumstances, but have the ability to take responsibility for our behavior and actively shape our future.


My service is part of psychosocial counseling.

I am a member of the Swiss Society for Professional Counseling (SGfB).

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Life Coaching

- Support and guidance with life's questions and challenges

- Personal development

- Getting to know yourself better

- Discover and build on your strengths

- Coming to terms with the past & childhood

Couples Coaching

- Support and guidance during challenges and conflicts

- Clarifying and defining expectations & roles

- Marriage preparation & support

Book your introductory Call now

The basis of a good consultation is trust and empathy. That's why I invite you to a non-binding and free 15-minute meeting to get to know each other. You will tell me about your challenge and the goal you would like to achieve with my help. The conversation will show whether we have the right chemistry and whether we want to tackle your challenge together.


Session Duration and Fees

Appointments are to be made by prior arrangement.

Cancellations up to 72 hours in advance are free of charge.

Individual counseling 60 min 130 CHF

Couples counseling 90 min 195 CHF


Payment is by Twint or invoice.

Costs are not covered by health insurance.


 Please note

My services are not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment, but to provide personal support and development. 

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